Corporate Beekeeping Programs

More Relevant Than Ever

If you are a local small business, corporation, hotel, or restaurant who would like to initiate a social responsibility or ecological sustainability program involving beekeeping, Eco Bee Supply is here to help.  Bees have a lot to teach us and the life of the healthy hive is rich in metaphor for the life of a healthy, sustainable office or any community of people working together. There needs to be good morale for it to work, everyone has their purpose and works together to achieve the goal of the whole, being efficient in using resources and energy, and sharing the surplus.  Learning about the workings of a hive seems like the perfect metaphor for the kind of collaborative values corporations aim to encourage. You'll also be contributing to the sustainability of honey bees at a time when there are a multitude of factors working against them, impacting the delicate ecological balance and their important role as pollinators.  The golden, sweet honey is a nice reward for your employees, and has fantastic curb appeal if you are a hotel or restaurant.


It's Easier Than You Think

Eco Bee Supply can bootstrap your program and ensure a rewarding and successful project.  Our expert beekeepers will determine the ideal location for your hives and design a comprehensive plan that fits your needs, and we'll even educate and train your staff if required. Studies have shown that when businesses take a hands-on, more grassroots attitude to social responsibility it enhances their standing and relationship with their immediate neighborhood but also invigorates their employee's passion and productivity. What better way to strengthen your ties with your local community and perhaps tip the scales a bit in favor of honey bee conservation.