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Pure Raw Honey - 5 Gallons - Honey - Eco Bee Supply

Honeydew Honey (Forest Honey)


Straight from the hive, our honey is never heated or processed, it is always raw and unfiltered to preserve flavor and health benefits. It is only gently strained so that it retains pollen.

Honeydew Honey is the fall honey in Northern NJ, and contains honeydew from the Spotted Lantern Fly, which consumes the sap from trees and leaves a resinous sticky compound that the bees gather. 

Honeydew Honey is darker in color, has a strong flavor profile and medium sweetness, and an aroma that is smokey, piney, and malty in tone.  

Honeydew Honey is great for making mead, baking, cooking, and barbecuing, or if you just prefer a bold, complex and distinctive honey.

Food safe five gallon bucket, 60 lbs.

Due to the weight, this product can only be delivered if you are within 20 miles of Morristown, or picked up.  Contact us for questions about local delivery.

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